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Mobile Phone Stand


Unleash the full potential of your smartphone with our protean mobile phone stand. Elevate your viewing experience to new heights with this innovative accessory designed for comfort and convenience.

Estimated dispatch: 6 - 7 days

mdf wood


100% built-in phone stand in MDF edges covered with melamine resins.

COLOUR:  White, Black, Gray


  • Openwood phone stand: 3 in width x 6 in depth


  1. water resistant
  2. Versatile in its uses
  3. 100% built-in
  4. Modern design
  5. Used as accessories for desk


  • The delivery time of the product is from 5 to 7 business days (depending on the location)


  • Delivery includes freight to the address and delivery of the product to the door.

Hands- Free Entertainment

Say farewell to awkward hand positions and neck strains. Our mobile phone stand allows you to enjoy hands-free entertainment, whether binge-watching your favorite shows, videotaping drooling with musketeers, or attending virtual meetings. Simply place your phone on the stage, acclimate the angle to your relish, and immerse yourself in a world of flawless entertainment.

Multi-Angle Adjustability

Experience unequaled inflexibility with multi-angle adjustability. The stand design ensures you find the perfect viewing angle for any exertion. From a comfortable tabletop setup for work to a comforting recline for watching pictures in bed, our mobile phone stand adapts to your requirements painlessly. Discover the joy of customization as you enhance your viewing experience with ease.

Sturdy and Stylish Design

Designed with a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics, our mobile phone stand boasts a sturdy and swish design. The decoration and accessories ensure continuity, while the satiny finish adds a touch of complexity to your space. Elevate not only your phone but also the aesthetics of your surroundings with this must-have accessory.

Streamlined Productivity

transfigure the way you work and stay productive with our mobile phone stand. Explore the features that make it an essential tool for streamlining your daily tasks.

Ergonomic Workstation

produce a comfortable and ergonomic workstation wherever you go. Our mobile phone stand allows you to set up a movable office, making it ideal for professionals on the move. Boost your productivity by having your phone in the perfect eye position, reducing strain on your neck, and perfecting your focus on the tasks at hand.

Hands- Free Video Conferencing

Stay connected painlessly with hands-free videotape conferencing. Whether you are attending virtual meetings or catching up with musketeers and family, our mobile phone stand ensures a stable and professional setup. Make a lasting impression with a clear and steady videotape feed, showcasing your professionalism in every transaction.

Organized office Space

Say farewell to cluttered divisions and tangled lines. Our mobile phone stand promotes a clean and systematized workspace. The courteously designed string operation system keeps your charging string in place, ensuring your office remains tidy and free from distractions.

On- the- Go Convenience

Experience on-the-go convenience like never before with our mobile phone stand. Discover the features that make it an essential companion for your active life.

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Natural Black Texture, Natural White Texture



Based on 32 reviews
qazi muneeb
qazi muneeb
same product delivered as show on pictures. table quality is top notch, design is minimalistic. satisfied with the purchase
Arslan Nazir
Arslan Nazir
Asalam-o-Alaikum! I ordered a desk for my PC with custom dimensions. It was precise & finishing was very neat as well. It's easy to assemble and once you're done assembling it, it's quite stable as well. Customer support was great. This could take 12 to 15 days but it get delivered at your doorstep. The design was new and unique with decent cable management. Moreover i also got a mobile stand, it's good and you can almost use your phone on it. I'll attach some pictures. Cheers 🙌🏽
Ali Shahbaz
Ali Shahbaz
Quality and service up to the mark, I wasn't sure about the order initially, but gave it a shot and totally worth it.
Kitto khan
Kitto khan
Loving it ❤️ designed as per my requirement
i bought this desk due to its ability to be assembled and disassembled very quickly and sure enough it is an incredibly good investment. the delivery was also very quick and the desk is reliable, sturdy and worth the money. i am just waiting on the chair and some accessories to arrive but it has surely elevated the space and will be a huge help for the work from home days.
Mishaal Ashraf
Mishaal Ashraf
I ordered the mini table in black from open wood and I was pleasantly surprised by the product. The finishing is really smooth, it’s light weight hence it’s easy to carry, is sturdy and doesn’t wobble if you place it on the bed, as well as easy to assemble. Along with this it’s also chic so enhances the aesthetics! I’m really happy about my purchase and also to support a local business! Definitely recommend!
Syed Usama Hashmi
Syed Usama Hashmi
I ordered this mobile stand! The finish is top-notch, the quality is outstanding, and it arrived in just 3 days! Plus, it was superbly packed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Ali Chheena
Ali Chheena
Very accurate although it took some time to arrive but excellent product
Huneen Khan
Huneen Khan
I can't say enough good things about my desk purchase! The quality is top-notch... It's sleek, stylish, and sturdy and has made my study so much more organized... A great purchase overall... Worth every rupee!
Usman Sarwar
Usman Sarwar
I received my laptop table today, it is very good nice and neat product. Just received it late after 18 days but after watching my product I forget it. Really worth it.

Mobile Phone Stand




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